KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – A Song from the 1st Album You ever Bought With Your Own Money

I think I was only about 12 years old, but I do know I was in the 4th grade. All my friend back then either owned it or wanted to.  To this very day I consider it one of my favorite albums (although this could be posted under the guilty pleasure part of this challenge)

At that moment in time I was in love with Def Leppard (and anything hair band really).  Reading the lyric now, I wonder how I ever really got this album into my house.  Pour Some Sugar on Me was actually the first song I’d ever heard by Def Leppard.   It certainly isn’t the subject matter most parents would have liked there young ones listening to, but I guess I was a 12 year old boy and I found a way to sneak it in.

Although I had really liked Pour Some Sugar on MeHysteria was definitely the song that made me want to buy this album.  It’s interesting to me actually.  This was really the first albumthat I played from beginning to end with out fail.  This would become a theme to me as my musical taste changed later.  Looking back I realize this might have been one of the most influential albums of my youth, before this I was listening to New Kid on the Block and Micheal Jackson.  After this I was listening to Poison and Motley Crue.  It certainly was my first turning point in music.

Well here I will post Hysteria for you listening enjoyment.  Be sure to post a comment below, I still want to hear your take.

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5 thoughts on “KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – A Song from the 1st Album You ever Bought With Your Own Money

  1. I really liked Pour Some sugar on me when I first heard it, never bought the album though. The first one I can remember buying was probably ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ C+C Music Factory

    1. Yes, I also bought in on cassette! I just realized in this moment how old cassettes are. I also just realized I may have recently taken a step away from MP3s, and may have moved on to the next advancement, “The Cloud”…Chauncey my friend you have just inspired a upcoming post…(PS to all those who read this Chauncey is sort of my Yoda when it comes to music although I’ve know become a Jedi too!)

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