Most Influential Musician of All Time

For me it has to be the Beatles.  Their music covers so much territory and they were/are so widely loved I have a hard time believing any artist wasn’t touched by them some how.  What do you think? Choose one of these four artists or add your own? Leave a comment below explaining your answer too! (short a sweet post today)

6 thoughts on “Most Influential Musician of All Time

    1. The Yardbird is a good suggestion. They certainly did introduce the world to some legendary guitarists. I do have a problem saying they influenced Cream/Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Led Zep is silly only because these are the bands that were formed with members from the Yardbirds. Those bands seem to much of a direct result of, instead of an influence of. I’m not saying they can’t be considered influential, just not to the band you listed.

  1. Miles Davis, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck as “musicians”. Miles Davis had and has a serious crossover with fans of Hendrix and 60s rock-jazz-fusion.

    The Beatles and Bob Dylan as “artists”. What I find interesting is how much they influenced each other as contemparies. George Harrison and John Lennon were particularly interesting in copying some of Dylan’s sound and style. Dylan just loved the idea of being in a Rock and Roll band. I really believe the Beatles and also the Stones drove Dylan to go electric and build bands that had some of the best talent ever assembled (Michael Bloomfield, Robbie Robertson, Levon Helm, etc).

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