KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep

Next in this series (in random order) is day 10 – a song that makes you fall asleep.  This will be interesting since I tend to need my music to fall asleep every night.  It’s funny too because when I was young I couldn’t sleep if there was any noise what so ever.   Even in the car the noise of the engine and wheel on the ground would keep me awake.  More recently I started to listen to music at night as a distraction to my thoughts.  I would lie in bed, running over the days events/issues/fun and would lie awake for hours.   When I listen to music at night I tend to concentrate more on the lyrics and melodies, hence distracting me from my thoughts completely.  It used to take me most of an album to fall asleep, but now it rarely takes me more that 2-3 songs.

As for the type of music I listen to, I tend to like something familiar to me, and typically mellow.  Most frequently, I choose something like Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes or Grizzly Bear.  There are two artist though I particularly love to listen to to lull me to sleep.

The first of those is a very little known folk singer from Memphis, TN, known as Larkin Grimm.  I was introduced to her both musically and personally when I ventured out to see a local musician, Chriss Sutherland, who I am acquainted with.  She spins kind of a Psych Folk that is quite experimental.  It certainly takes you on a journey.  The following is the opening track Entrance from her first album Harpoon.

The second artist I love to listen to is pretty well known to many music lovers.  Sigur Rós, hails from Iceland, and would be best classified as ambient rock.  They too like to experiment and actually don’t always sing in either Icelandic or English.  On their album () (yes that is the name or lack thereoff) the sing in a language called Vonlenska, which sounds Icelandic but really is just nonsense syllables.  This album happens to be made of of only 11 syllables in total.  Track I an going to post for you is the 1st track on the album. I refer to its track number because this album with no name and no lyric also has no official song titles.  (the band does refer to the song as Vaka though)  Give it a listen to this live version.

Not to confuse people,  I do love both of these album in there entirety and do listen to them at other moments in any given day.  But as you may be able to hear they both are pretty sonic, abstract and very ambient.

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