Livin La Vida Local – Introduction

I want to start out this post with an apology.  I am sorry for stealing the lyrics from pop artist, Ricky Martin (actually composed by Desmond Child  and Draco Rosa), to create a name for this series of blog posts.  I know it I may be infringing on some trademarks or whatever, but I remind you that I do not make any money from the blog what so ever.  Also I want to admit the shame in using a line from a pop song,  I am better than that.  (sorry pop lovers and Olaf!)

Moving on.  This will be the first in a series dedicated to local artists.  I have always tried to search out musicians in my local music scene.  For those of you who don’t know I have lived for the most part in Southern Maine for the past 15 years.  Most of the music I will cover will be from the greater Portland area, but since Maine population is so small I will definitely take the liberty to include all of Maine, and sometimes even New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts in this series.

Another part of the series may include little known bands in other cities from time to time.  As a music lover, I seek out small record stores in different cities I have the pleasure of visiting.  As part of that, I usually try to ask about and even buy some music from a local artist in that area.  So those band may get included in this line at some point.

If you have a local artist in your area you want me to hear, please post a comment telling me about them.  I really want to hear as much new stuff as I can get my ear on and they to might become the subject of a future blog post.

In any case, this thread begins with…

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