Ain’t No Cure For Them Summertime Blues

I think Eddie Cochran had it all wrong.  There is always a cure for the blues, especially during summertime.   After a weekend of beautiful sunshine and a little boredom with my old playlist, I decided to give my 8 gig iTouch a make over.  Not that I don’t love every piece of music on there, it was just starting to seem repetitive.  My core artists will still be there, but I’m going to try to stretch my limits a little this time and try to put some stuff I wouldn’t usually put on there.  So here are some of my highlights and changes with a little bit of insight on my choices:

Core: (I couldn’t force myself to delete these)

  • RadioheadComplete Discography – This is my favorite band, a day with out Radiohead is a day not worth living.
  • Fleet Foxes – Complete Discography – These guys have been a big threat to the above band the past 2 years.
  • The Black Keys – Complete Discography – The last of my BIG3.  They can do no wrong.
  • Fitz & the Tantrums – Pickin’ Up the Pieces – Addicted and for some reason Soul music seems so summer to me.

Oldies but Goodies (Well its an oldie where I come from)

  • Fire on Fire – The Orchard – My local music post got me craving these guys.
  • B-52’s – Self Titled – This album seems to summer to me I had to put it on there.
  • Foo Fighters – The Colour and the Shape – Classic Foo
  • Pearl Jam – No Code and Riot Act – I’m a big Pearl Jam fan and haven’t listened to these ones in a while.

The Alternatives (Bands that I’ve heard 1 or 2 albums, but haven’t listened to these)

  • Wilco – A.M.Love there Self Titled and Yankee Hotel Foxtrot so decided to check out their 1st one.
  • Modest Mouse – Building Nothing Out of Something – Again listened to 2 albums a ton and want to grow this relationship
  • Grizzly Bear – Sorry for the Delay and Yellow House – LOVE Veckatimest and excited to hear more.
  • Bright Eyes – Fevers & Mirrors – Connor just has put out way to music to have listened to it all.

The Newbies (love to explore music, added 10 in total)

  • Mogwai – Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will – Been meaning to check them out and my buddy Erik loves them.
  • Regina Spektor – Songs – Going outside my comfort zone a little here, we will see…
  • Lykke Li – Wounded Rhymes – Carson Daily had her on and the one performance I saw was cool.
  • Karen Dalton – Green Rocky Road – Going with some really old folk music that Bob Dylan once loved.

My iTouch is going to be a whole new experience after this.   All in all I only kept about 10 albums I had previously.   Going to be fun!  I know my list will be bigger than most peoples, but what are you listening to this summer?

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