I’m a bad blogger. So far anyway…

So this is the first blog post I have done in a while.  I’ve definitely found it hard to keep up with this.  I do have the excuse of a full time job that just got busier because of some firings, or beautiful twin girls and well as wonderful fiance I spend my weekends with.  I could blame it on my recent found addiction to the HBO  show, Game of Thrones and the new season of True Blood.  Really the truth is I haven’t made the time.  I did at one point last weekend write a rough draft (on paper even, since I was”upta camp”) for a blog post, but never took the time to post it.  Well, I will try to better.  This is really something I’d like to do, and I have to prove to myself I can do it, so back into the fray…

A couple days ago, one of my sisters posted an fun little music meme.  It wasn’t really anything that would take anyone very long to do.  Her post was as follows:

Band I was given: Van Halen
Song I love:Right Now (especially the video)
Song(s) I like:Jump, Panama, Why Can’t this Be Love, When It’s Love (sorry could just list 1)
Song I hate (or like least):Hot for Teacher
“Like” my status and I will give you a band.

I thought it sounded fun so “liked” it, and also commented that “I’ll do it, but I dont promise they will have a song I like…” seeing as how I don’t like the bands most people seem to.  I think sister was looking out for me because she chose Radi0head for me.  Anyone who know me, or has read many of my post know that this is my favorite band.   As a result it actually ended up being a toucher task than I expected really.  For one, I had to try to figure out my favorite songs and then narrow them down.  After initially listing 12 songs, I was able to narrow it down to just four songs. The other 8 I decided to list under songs I like, although I pretty much every song in there catalog could be listed here.

Second I had to figure out what songs in Radiohead‘s discography that I actually disliked.  To this was near impossible.  At first I didn’t think I was going to be able to list anything but as I thought about it I realized that I hardly ever listen to Pablo Honey, Radiohead‘s first album.  So I went back and gave it a quick sampling and realized why I didn’t.  There just wasn’t the same magic on that album that they seemed to have captured later on.  I was able to come up with a few song I didn’t care about.

So my choices:

Band I was given: Radiohead
Song I love: National Anthem, Idioteque, Life in a Glasshouse, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
Song(s) I like: Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit (Fade Out), Exit Music (For a Film), Myxomatosis, 2+2=5, A Punchup at a Wedding, 4 Minute Warning, Everything in its Right Place
Song I hate (or like least): How You Do?, Ripcord, Prove Yourself, Electioneering
“Like” my status and I will give you a band.

Just for the record I never just play anyone of these songs.  I’m much more an album listener, which means I put on track one and play though to the last track.  These are just the highlights and lows of these listens.  So how many Radiohead fans read this?  Do you agree with my choice?  If you know me on facebook, like my post and I’ll give you a band.  If you don’t know me on Facebook we can play the game here on the comments posts, just post the comment “Like”.

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