KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – a song that reminds you of someone

Today I will do “day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone”.  I think this is another one of those selections that I can revisit many times as there are a bunch of song that remind me of someone.  The first of these songs I’m going to tell you about is You Are the Best Thing by Ray Lamontagne and my fiance Andrea.  My introduction to both Ray and Andrea happened about the same time.  I had recently moved back to the Portland area and began working for L.L.Bean.   Andrea was working at Beans part time, while holding down a full time gig else where.  I had pretty recently ended a relationship, and wasn’t really looking to get involved with anyone at the time we met.

About the same time, Ray Lamontagne was beginning to gain some popularity for his album Gossip in the Grain.  In addition, Ray had lived nearby in Lewiston, ME when he decided to quit his job and become a musician, so he received some additional attention around here.  I had picked up a copy of Gossip in the Grain and started listening to it quite a bit.

So one night Andrea asked me to join her and a couple of her friends out at a local bar to watch a Red Sox playoff game.  Although I still thought I wasn’t looking for a relationship, I couldn’t resist an invite from a pretty girl.  That night was the beginning of our relationship.  In the weeks and month that followed we grew closer and more affectionate for each other.

I’m sure you wondering how these things come together.  Well, L.L.Bean had a pretty good radio station that played through out the store.  It played lots of indie and underground artist that I loved and wasn’t your typical pop playlist.  You Are the Best Thing was one of those songs, and when ever it came on while I was working it reminded me of Andrea.  I didn’t tell her at first about it, but at some point I did share it with her.  Every time I hear it now, I still think of her and it may even become our wedding song, although that final decision hasn’t really been made yet.

Andrea is still the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Enjoy!

Ray Lamontagne Links:


6 thoughts on “KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – a song that reminds you of someone

  1. Very sweet Joe.

    Here is a funny thing… I recently heard a song on the radio that reminded me of a very old friend. I thought about how music can remind us of people and that would make an interesting blog subject.

    Then VIOLA!

    I equate so many songs with so many friends. It’s truly amazing how these connections are made throughout our lives.

    1. Thanks Courtney! I think we all have song that remind us of people, places and things. I would love to hear about the song you hear on the radio and any other that remind you of someone. I think you should still do your own blog post about that subject. I know I’ll be doing more on the subject over time. (and since it’s music related I’ll post links to it on my blog!)

  2. Love t his story and the song! Ray as you is one of my all time favorites! This song is my ring tone for Brad, and My most favorite song! I love you guys together! 🙂 Makes me feel so happy that you have a song that reminds you so much of someone you love! ❤

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