My first concert.

Growing up in Northern Maine I didn’t get a chance to see any bands during my youth.  In fact, closest place bands would even play was more than 2 hours way.  To top it off I don’t think my parents would have let me go anyway.  It was the summer of 97, I was only 19 and it was the summer after my senior year of high school.  A few of my friends, Andrew, Jason and Wayne had gotten tickets to see ZZ Tops.  For what ever reason that I can not recall now, Andrew was not able to go to the show, so they asked me if I would be interested in going.  Of coarse I said yes!

ZZ Top that summer had gone on tour in support of there new album Rythmeen. It was called the Mean Rhythm Global Tour.  So on June 19, 1997, I attended my first concert at the Augusta Civic Center.  This was quite a long time ago so I only remember a few things really.  I remember it was general admissions and that we stood in the crowd down on the floor.  I remember them playing my favorite song Sharp Dressed Man as well as Legs, Rhythmeen and La Grange.  I also remember thinking that the stage was very basic, but I would learn later it was because this was “a no-frills, full-thrill presentation; streamlined and down ‘n’ gritty.” tour as ZZ Top press release had stated.  As you can see above I bought a t-shirt at the show which you can also see is pretty worn now.  Below is what remains of the ticket for the show which was torn in half by the person taking tickets.

The following is a setlist listed for this tour, but I’m not sure if this is exactly the set list for this particular show. (it was take from here)

“Got Me Under Pressure”
“Nasty Dogs and Funky Kings”
“I’m Bad, I’m Nationwide”
“Brown Sugar”
“Party On the Patio”
“Vincent Price Blues”
“Heard It On the X”
“Bang Bang”
“Cheap Sunglasses”
“Just Got Paid”
“Gimme All Your Lovin'”
“Sharp Dressed Man”
“She’s Just Killing Me”
“La Grange”

ZZ Tops Links:

Homepage Facebook MySpace Wiki – NPR

3 thoughts on “My first concert.

  1. Joe,

    I don’t rember why I couldn’t go either. I do remember that Jason and Wayne somehow scored backstage passes and you jot left out in the cold…still it was probably a great show to see!

    1. I had forgotten all about that! The two of us have to get to a show one of these days. You are defiantly one of those who I shared a love music with the most when we were younger!

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