Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky

What is your favorite television show theme song?  As so may know, I have a large love for cartoons, so it should come as no surprise that either Hong Kong Phooey or Inspector Gadget would be mine.

The Inspector Gadget theme was based on Edvard Grieg‘s classical song In the Hall of the Mountain King and composed by Shuki Levy.  These two song actually sound almost exactly alike (minus the lyrics of coarse).  Hong Kong Phooey’s theme was written by Chester Stover, Watts Biggers, Treadwell Covington, and Joseph Harris, and was a completely original song.  Scatman Crothers was the one who performed the song and as many know was also the voice of Hong Kong Phooey too.  I like these two songs largely in part because they are very nostalgic for me.  I grew up watching these two cartoons, and they happened to be two of my favorites.  I once in my young adulthood actually learned to play the Inspecter Gadget theme on the guitar.  Here is a very cool Sublime cover of Hong Kong Phooey from the album Saturday Mornings Greatest Hits and that is put together with clips from the show.

Other shows whose theme songs I am fond of are Family Guy, Married with Children, X- Files, Malcom in Middle, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Giligans Island, True Blood, Duck Tales, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pete & Pete.  The Malcom in the Middle theme is kind of funny being on this list because I thoroughly dislike the show.  Another theme I loved from the beginning is Little Boxes from the show Weeds.  It is a song written by Malvina Reynolds and kind of pokes fun of suburban America.  The other interesting thing they did with the theme was to have a different musician cover the song each episode.  It gave the theme an interesting twist during the 2nd and 3rd seasons. (They eliminated the theme song completely after the third season)  Here is a link to a playlist of 29 of said covers plus original song too.

So what is your favorite theme song?  Which one do you know all the lyrics to? Which ones do you hate? I’ll have to ponder that last question for another post.

6 thoughts on “Little Boxes Made of Ticky-Tacky

  1. Joe it amazed me to see this as your topic today, Somehow earlier I had the Duck Tales theme song in my head. Growing up, that, Fresh Prince, and The Mario Bros theme were always stuck in my head. I was even whistling Mario at the store on Sat to try to get it stuck in someone else’s head. I would say that now, after I have “grown up” That my favorites are Phineas and Ferb’s theme. Very catchy, fun to sing, and the fact that the show constantly referances it in the episodes is funny as hell. I also like the theme to The Big Bang Theory, it was a challenge to learn it to the point of being able to spew it back out and sing along. Again fun and upbeat.

    1. I remember both Duck Tails and the Fresh Prince, and heard the Phineas and Ferb one of coarse (by the way your link is a dead one), but I can not for the life of me remember the Mario Bros one. I’m going to have to go look it up. One thing I find cool about blogging is how it seems to connect so well with my friends. First Courtney, then you and my bud Chauncey. One a record 68 views yesterday! Shiz!!

  2. First song that came to mind was Cheers theme song. A song about a place to go where “everybody knows your name”.catchy little tune that reminds you of places we all go regularly. a small town attitude in a big town place.too bad its not always like that eh?
    Laverne and Shirley “making our dreams come true” i always loved that song, also playful with a theme we all can relate to! Nothing is gonna stop us, were gonna make it, doing it our way!
    Friends theme song “ILL be there for you! and youll be there for me! who doesnt like that idea!

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