Your link here.

These are a few blogs I follow that you might like to check out.  (Yes, some of these are my friends)  I posted these all without the bloggers permission but I figure no one would mind.  If you don’t want your link posted here let me know and I will remove it! Enjoy your reading!

Tetzlaffino –

Butter – (He may become a neighbor here on wordpress)

Stringing Words Together –

Haveaheadachenow – (she just started and slowly at that)

Permanent Qui Vive –

Spynotes –

If anyone else has a cool blog let me know!  I’ll check it out and maybe add you to this list.

2 thoughts on “Your link here.

    1. Sorry I take it back!! haha…Just kidding. Seriously I feel like a voyeur with this blog thing, like I’m looking in a window and you don’t even know I’m there. I really should get better at commenting on other peoples blogs, especially if I want people to comment on mine…I’ve gotta learn to stop lurking! In anycase, it interesting to watch what is going on in you life, whats going on with you brains, and also to learn from someone who is both a better write than I and who also has more experience as a blogger. The other thing I like is that you just write. Most the blogs I come across either look like new sites, or only have like 2 or 3 lines. There is actual substance to your posts. So anyway, you are most welcome!

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