KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – A song by the first band you saw in concert.

A little while ago I did a post about my first concert, ZZ Tops.  If you would like to read more about it go here.  As a result this post will be really short.

ZZ Tops wasn’t really a band I ever considered myself a huge fan of.  I did how ever like a bunch of there songs enough to download them illegally during my college days.  I did also buy the Album Rhythameen when I was in high school, but that was more a result of them being my first concert.  So here is probably my favorite song by them.

ZZ Tops Links:

Homepage Facebook MySpace Wiki – NPR

2 thoughts on “KidAJoe’s Music Challenge – A song by the first band you saw in concert.

  1. Does a symphony orchestra concert count!?
    When i was a kid, quite young, my dad took Ginny and i to see Bangor Symphony orchestra! and we were quite impressed with what we heard. For me it was very exciting, and i think i fell in love with violin music because at that concert ,A love I shared with my dad, i might add. He took us to a few concerts after that, some violin concerto ,some piano . Tho like most young people i did not play a lot of classical music as a child , i rediscovered it as a young adult. My early exposure to that genre of music gave me a greater appreciation for it in later years. I find it relaxing to listen to and reminiscent of my childhood, as it was a favorite of my fathers.
    I do believe my first concert was the nutcracker suite,Tchaikovsky,dance of the sugar plum fairy. Looking back on it now i think it was a great choice for a child to hear as a first intro to the genre. serenade of strings(dads love) and flutes and clarinets( Ginny and I both played one in school ) and a happy playful piece of music. i have been to other concerts, country , rock n roll, etc, but my memory of that first concert is for me an emotional memory. I think learning to love something at a young age , ( the formative years) makes it special. I am grateful that i was exposed to classical music before i achieved that age of rebellion( so to speak) to everything that my peers would have scorned.

    1. For those who don’t know this is my mom and this is a story I’ve never heard actually. I think the early years are definitely when we form a lot of our musical tastes. When I think about my youth, I remember two things. First the music my parents played. My mom playing things like Crosby Still Nash and Young, Kenny Rogers. Dad played to local radio station which played a lot of modern pop and rock stuff, but occasionally we would listen to Glen Miller and Tom Dorsey. I also remember him loving Frank Sinatra.
      The second part was that my mom brought me to bluegrass festivals all over Maine. My sister refused to go, but my love of music made me want to go. I think that the bonding experience between myself and my mom as well as my grandfather also influenced me too. It appears one connection my grandfather, my mother and I share was music.
      I think the wide variety of music that I was exposed to helped make me the music fan I am today. I love bluegrass, folk, rock, metal, jazz, blues, old standards and especially anything that combines these genres. Thanks mom! Thanks Grampy! (we miss you!)

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