If you wanna be my mixtape you gotta get with my friends.

On Saturday I had our first interactive post where you could post a song to a playlist with a song you could not live with out.  It was really successful with 11 people posting songs.  There was even a bunch of my friends I asked personally to post a song because I respect there music taste.  Of those only handful didn’t post a song (I wish they had).  If they are reading this they know who they are, you can still go here and do so!!!!

So in any case what I want to do today is another post that involves all of you.  This time I want you all to post a mini review of this mixtape.  Tell us what you liked, what you didn’t, and if you posted a song why you chose the one you did.   I know a few of us really had a battle picking just one song.  I don’t want you to say to much about the ones we left off only because I will at some point in the future post another mixtape for songs we didn’t get on Let’s make a Mixtape Vol. 1 but really wanted to.

I’ll post a review in the comments later tonight, after I get out of work, so you should all check back to this post to read both mine and other reviews of this tape.  Have fun and at least try to be nice! lol

3 thoughts on “If you wanna be my mixtape you gotta get with my friends.

  1. It’s quite an eclectic mix. I love just about anything by Radiohead, Tom Petty, Wilco and am a fan of Bright Eyes. Saw Conner Oberst in concert in Cleveland during the Vote for Change tour 2004 and have a couple of his CDs.

    Of all the music I was not familiar with I like “A Dozen Roses” by Braid the best.

    And believe or not, I’m not a big fan of Britney Spears! So that’s my least favorite. Sorry, Andrea!

  2. It was an amazing mix of music! I was familiar with STP, Tom Petty, Bright Eyes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and of coarse Radiohead. These are all from albums I’ve spent lots of time with and adore. I’ve just in the past year started my music journey with Wilco and Handshake drugs is one song I hadn’t heard yet. Both Rapunzel and Mississsippi are song I was familiar with, but hadn’t heard in years. The Brain, Sean Hayes and Bend Fold songs were all new to me. I think Braid was my favorite of the three. They Britney Spears song…well I don’t think that need any explanation really….

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