P.S. I love you.

Just a little info about blog post and comments.

I’m not sure if you are all aware, but when you post a comment to one of my posts, I almost always post a follow up reply.  So if you post a comment you should always revisit the post to see what I may have said about your comment.  Another note, there is a check box under your comment that allows you to get an email sent to you if I do reply to you comments if that is what you prefer.

Also in the top right corner of my page there is a link to subscribe to my blog by email if you just want to know when I have new post.  I am aware most of you probably see my updates on Facebook or Twitter.  I don’t share my Facebook with the public but I am KidAJoe on Twitter.  At the bottom of that column there is a link to the RSS feed for my blog too.

I love my beats fast and my bass down low.

2 thoughts on “P.S. I love you.

    1. Our love is no longer unrequited. Now we can spend the rest of out live together. I don’t have to hold back all these feeling I’ve kept locked up inside me. Oh yeah, who posted this?? Butter??

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