I see your Virginia!

One of the ways I discover new music is through National Public Radio’s (NPR) All Songs Considered.  All songs was started back in 2000 and is a show dedicated to the discovery on new music as well to the release of new albums by more established artists.  It is a great source for indie and underground music and is hosted by founder/director Bob Boilen and producer Robin Hilton (and occasionally other guest hosts). It is a great show that any music lover should check out!

Another part or spin off of the show is a series called Tiny Desktop Concerts.  The premise of this is an artist performing a short concert from Bob Boilen’s desk.  These shows started out tiny and acoustic but have grown to be a pretty big event at the NPR offices.  (not like rock concert event, but certainly crowded room event).  There are many great performances from artist such as They Might Be Giants, Adele, The Decemberists, Bela Fleck and Wye Oak. (Just to name a very few)  These concerts are posted as HD video as well as in mp3 format on the All Song Considered blog.

One of my favorite performances was one of Gogol Bordello quite a while back.  Anyone who has seen Eugene Hütz perform would realize that one desktop could never contain him.  Gogol Bordello is a really interesting band based out of New York, but the music has a very different sound.  (Eugene is from the Ukraine) They are a mix of gypsy and punk music.  Enjoy!  (Edit: I could not get the NPR video to embed in my blog so here is a link to it as well as YouTube videos of the performance as well)

——> NPR Link

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