Trapped in Music Video Hell

I’m not sure which is funnier, Trapped in a Closet by R.Kelly or Trapped in a Drive-Thru by Weird Al.  One was supposed to be serious (with humorous moments), and the other just meant to be funny!  The story line of Trapped in a Closet was just completely insane.  It starts out with some regret over some infidelity, and continues on into craziness including a shooting, a midget and  a gay priest and lot more chaos.  It’s really something to see…all 22 chapter which encompass 83+ minutes!  Really it is more like that car wreck you drive by and can’t stop staring at even though you know you shouldn’t.  It does however make you appreciate Trapped in a Drive-Thru.  It’s about a guy and his girl trying to decide on dinner.  I’ve only posted part one of the Trapped in a Closet video, if you want to watch all 22 episodes you can just open the video in YouTube and follow the links at the right.   I suggest watching at least one R.Kelly version before moving on to the Trapped in a Drive-Thru video.  Also are two other funny parodies of the “Hip Hopera” (as R.Kelly put it), one from MadTV and another from South Park. Enjoy!

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