Cover me, I’m going in!

After a week of neglect, it is time to write some posts on this here blog of mine.  In my defense I was on vacation for part of the week.  In any case this weeks play list come to us from Jessica M.   She made a couple suggestions about a week ago and we are going to include them in the same blog post.  She wanted us to do a cover mix!  In case you don’t know what that is, a “cover song” is a song performed by another artist or band that was originally written and/or performed by another.   We are going to a bit of a love and hate theme to it.  One cover song you adore, and one cover song that you despise!  So technically we will be doing two play lists this week.

All songs should be posted to the comments section of this post and should include Song, Artist, and Original Artist.  Feel free to comment why you love or hate the songs too.  Again you can post 2-3 songs per play list if you can’t narrow it down.

The Spotify playlists is here: Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 5 – Favorite Blanket Songs & Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 6 – Least Favorite Duvet Songs

I have made a YouTube playlist that can be found here: Vol. 5 & Vol. 6

The following is the playlists we have created:


  1. Mountain Peasant Song by First Aid Kit originally performed by Fleet Foxes posted by KidAJoe (
  2. House of the Rising Sun by The Animals originally an old traditional Folk song posted by KidAJoe
  3. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley originally performed by Leonard Cohen posted by KidAJoe
  4. Crazy by Ray Lamontagne organizationally performed by Gnarls Barkley by Nichole G.
  5. Antisocial by Anthrax originally performed by Trust by Chauncey B.
  6. Day Tripper by Type O Negative originally performed by The Beatles by Andrew C.
  7. Judy is a Punk by the Screeching Weasels originally performed by the Ramones by Andrew C.
  8. Take me to the River by the Talking Heads originally performed by Al Green by Brian K.
  9. All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix originally performed by Bob Dylan by Brian K.
  10. Little Wing by Derek and the Dominos originally performed by Jimi Hendrix by Brian K.
  11. Hurt by Johnny Cash originally performed by Nine Inch Nails by Andrea T.
  12. No Ordinary Love by the Deftones originally performed by Sade by Aric G.
  13. Send Me an Angel by Thrice originally performed by Real Life by Eric G.
  14. Billie Jean by Chris Cornell originally performed by Micheal Jackson by Rob P.
  15. Poker Face by Daughty originally performed by Lady Gaga by Rob P.
  16. Unforgiven by Iron Horse originally performed by Metallica by Rob P.
  17. (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love and Understanding by Elvis Costello, originally performed by Nick Lowe by Mike N.
  18. Hey Ya by Obadiah Parker originally performed by Outcast by Elroy
  19. I Will Survive by Cake originally done by Gloria Gaynor posted by Rebekkah W.
  20. Coming Around Again by Copeland originally performed by Carly Simon by Amanda L.
  21. Maneater by The Bird and the Bee originally performed by Hall and Oates by Amanda L.

Least Favorites:

  1. Float On by Kidz Bop originally performed be Modest Mouse least favorite posted by KidAJoe (this could have been any song that Kidz Bop puts out)
  2. These Boot are Made for Walking by Jessica Simpson originally performed by Nancy Sinatra posted by KidAJoe
  3. Hurt by Johnny Cash originally performed by Nine Inch Nails by Nichole G.
  4. What I Got by Bret Micheals originally performed by Sublime by Chauncey B.
  5. Lake of Fire by Nirvana originally performed by the Meat Puppets by Andrew C.
  6. I’m a Believer by Smash Mouth originally performed by Neil Diamond/Monkees by Andrea T.
  7. Land of Confusion by Disturbed originally performed by Genesis by Eric G.
  8. Into the Mystic by Michael McDonald, originally performed by Van Morrison by Mike
  9. Help! by Howie Day originally performed by The Beatles by Amanda L.

21 thoughts on “Cover me, I’m going in!

  1. Favorite: Type O Negative “Day tripper” originally by The Beatles.

    Favorite: Screeching Weasel “Judy is a Punk” originally by the Ramones.

    Least Favorite: Nirvana “lake of fire” originally by the Meat Puppets. I just don’t like how Cobain sings the song. Its a great song but the original is better !!!!

  2. Very difficult decision. I really love Devo’s version of “I can’t get no Satisfaction” originally by the Rolling Stones and Cheap Trick’s “Day Tripper” originally by Beatles and both are from the late 70s punk/alt era. But I’m going with a theme here:

    All Along the Watchtower by Jimi Hendrix (original artist the Bob Dylan)

    Little Wing by Derek and the Dominoes (original artist Hendrix)

    Fire by Red Hot Chili Peppers (original artist Hendrix)…sorry couldn’t find a Clapton cover I like so there goes my theme idea.

  3. OMG JFC LMFAO this is hard!!!! Screw the theme. My favorite cover song is a song I originally had no idea was a cover song and to this day know next to nothing about the original artist. I’m talking about “Take me to the River” by the Talking Heads, original artist….Al Green.

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  5. Favorite – what’s so funny bout peace love and understanding by elvis costello, originally performed by nick lowe

    Least Favorite – into the mystic by michael mcdonald, originally by van morrison

  6. Favorite: Coming Around Again by Copeland orginally done by Carly Simon on the Knows Nothing Stays the Same album

    Favorite: WHOLE album by the Bird and the Bee- Interpreting the Masters vol 1 a Tribute to Daryl Hall and John Oates

    1. Funny story about that Bird and the Bee album. I’d been meaning to give them a listen for a while, and one day a couple weeks ago I decided to put them on while I puttered around the house. I didn’t really even pay attention to what exactly what I was putting on, I just queued a random up and went and did my thing. I kept thinking to myself the whole time man this song sounds so familiar. Finally “Kiss is on my” came on and I realized that I’d been listening to all Hall and Oates covers songs and that is why it was so familiar. (am kind of ashamed that I recognized Hall and Oates actually)

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