The Master!

. Cassette Tape, picture taken by User:Seth Il...
Let's Make a Mix Tape!

So the whole mix tape idea has been a home run!  It keeps people involved in my blog and exposes everyone to all sorts of different music.  I have enjoyed it thoroughly.

So this post is a place for us to post ideas for future mixes you would like to see.   The following are ideas we have come up with so far.  If you have an idea post it in the comments and I will add it to this list.   Along with the list will be links to ideas we have done.

  • Song to Share with the World
  • Song We Hate!
  • Cover Songs We Love/Hate
  • Songs that Motivate Us
  • Body Parts
  • Favorite Live Track
  • Love Song
  • 7 Degrees of Songs
  • Favorite Song You Parents used to Play
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • Karaoke Song
  • Song you hate by your favorite artist
  • Favorite Beatles Song
  • Songs for Autumn
  • Favorite songs from childhood
  • Song from your favorite album
  • Best/Worst Collaboration
  • Best First album Track
  • Song From a Movie
  • Song that best represents your life right now.
  • Song dedicated to an ex
  • Song you love by artist you hate
  • Song currently stuck in your head

What else can we do?

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best/worst collaboration

8 thoughts on “The Master!

  1. or how about ‘Favorite Song as a Child ” I can come up with all sorts of music I liked when I was 10 years old.

  2. Song dedicated to an ex. (should be fun to see/hear)

    Sorry, I realize now that I had more than one idea. Should have put them all in one post. Didn’t mean to clutter your comment section.

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