I decided I had to post something tonight, the only thing is I am not remembering any of the ideas I’ve had in the past days and weeks.  I have to get better at writing them down.   So tonight I am going to write about my music currently blaring in my headphones.   This is actually the first night I’ve ever even heard of this band.  After getting home from work I turned on the television which I never do, and Last Call with Carson Daly was on.  I like to watch Carson Daly because he tends to have lots of stuff that is under the radar.  Hard to imagine that MR. TRL would actually be cool.

So the featured performance from tonight show was of a band called Grouplove.   The performace was from a show at West Holywood’s legendary Troubadour club.  They played two songs, Gold Coast and Naked Kids.  Both songs were pretty amazing, they were can best be described as indie rock songs.  It was good enough for me to go searching for them on Spotify.

So now I am listening to there Self Titled first EP which was released in 2010.  Upon some further research these guys (and gal) also just released there first full length album titles Never Trust a Happy Song this very week.   I guess that explains why they were aired on Last Call tonight.

Here is a couple videos that I saw tonight as well as a link to there albums on Spotify.  I guess this show originally aired back in May so the videos are already up on YouTube.   Spotify Links – Never Trust a Happy Song  – Grouplove EP


Grouplove Links:
HomepageFacebookMySpaceWiki – NPR
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