My First Earthquake Destroys a Recording Studio

So a while back I followed one of those links that you see on your Facebook page about downloading free Mp3s. This one was from a band called My First Earthquake.   I am always a sucker for new and/or free music.  It was a copy of the bands EP titled Crush.  It didn’t immediately listen to the EP, but sometime later did give it a spin. I was pleasantly surprised then I did.  It seems most the time I download something for free it falls into the “sounds like everything” else heap.  But this was a pleasant blend of indie pop rock.

So I started to dig a little deeper, first looking them up on Wikipedia and then taking a peek at there website. (yes in that order)  That is when I stumbled upon them on a website called  This a site dedicated to funding creative projects.  The premise is you give money to help a project, which in the case of My First Earthquake was to make an album.  Based of the amount you pledge to get some sort of a benefit.  Access to videos, advance digital copies, phsyical CD copies and other swag, all the way up to a private party from the band were rewards one could get for backing this project.

So I decided to donate my hard earned $12 to help fund the bands second album.  My reward was a “digital copy of the album a full month before it’s released publicly.”   During the recording process the band updated there Kickstarter page with video before during and after recording the album.  They also posted two polls, one deciding the album cover art and one on a t-shirt design (both designs I voted for won!).  And as expected, about a month before the album was to come out I got an email with a link to the album.  I even got a copy in FLAC!

It was a really cool album, certainly very quirky and fun.  I think OK K and As Fast As Feet Allow are my favorite tracks on the album.  This album isn’t on Spotify yet, but below is a embeded player with the full version of the album provided by the band.

My First Earthquake Links:
HomepageFacebookMySpace – Wiki – NPR

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