Delayed Flight of the Conchords

So I’m sitting in the airport waiting for a delayed flight to philadelphia and decided it was time for a long delayed post.  This is all being done from a cellphone stop bear with me!  It has been a few busy weeks around here, so I have neglected this blog of mine. Well that’s my story…
So I just quoted Tom Petty moments ago in a text to Brian K making him aware of my flight delay.  “The waiting its the hardest part”.  Not sure if I can post that video from my phone but I will when I get the laptop up and going.
Last time I was in philly Brian brought me to a cool little local record store and I picked up the latest album by Brown Recluse called Evening Tapestry.  It was actually the first time I’d heard them and it has quickly become one of my favorite of 2011.  Here is a link to the album on spotify.  I wonder what music I’ll discover this trip.

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