Mixed Drinks and Duct Tape!

So I noticed a surge in Spotify users lately and as you can see I’ve been neglecting my blog quite badly as of late.  So I thought it was a fine time to dig out a mixed tape for you all.  Seeing as how two thousand and eleven is coming to an end I figure we could all post our favorite song(s) this year.

All songs should be posted to the comments section of this post and should include Song, Artist, and Original Artist.  Feel free to comment why you love or hate the songs too.  Again you can post 2-3 songs per play list if you can’t narrow it down.

The Spotify playlists is here: Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 9 – Eleven?

I’ll make a YouTube playlist that can be found here: Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 9 – Eleven?

The following is the playlists we have created:

  1. Poison & Wine by The Civil Wars posted by KidAJoe
  2. Helplessness Blues by Fleet Foxes posted by KidAJoe
  3. Tony the Tripper by Fruit Bats posted by KidAJoe
  4. Art of Almost by Wilco posted by Elroy
  5. Whiskey and Ritalin by Fair To Midland posted by Chauncey B.
  6. Stargasm by Mastodon posted by Chauncey B.
  7. The Devil You Know by Anthrax posted by Chauncey B.
  8. Boom by Wild Flag posted by Brian K.
  9. Extinction Burst by Primus posted by Caleb S.
  10. Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri posted be Amanda L.
  11. Turning Tables by Adele by Nichole G.
  12. The Amoire by Owen posted by Erik G.
  13. A Parts for B Actors by Rivals Schools posted by Erik G.
  14. Middle States by The Appleseed Cast posted by Erik G.
  15. Folklore by Opeth by Andrew C.

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9 thoughts on “Mixed Drinks and Duct Tape!

    1. Your songs of the year are quite a bit different from mine. This playlist is going from chillin to rockin in no time flat! Check out my post from yesterday the let me know you favorite albums from this year! Added the first two songs to the Spotify playlist, couldn’t add Anthrax because the band hasn’t allowed there some of their album to be available for streaming. You really should get Spotify if you haven’t already, it’s finally open for everyone!

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