World Wide Web dot CE OH EM

So I visit a lot of websites dedicated to music in one form or another.  So I figured I would share the sites I frequent in hopes you will find them useful and hope that you to will share some great sites with me.

Here is a list of six sites I enjoy:

  • NPR’s All Song Considered – Easily my favorite music site at the moment includes podcast of weekly shows and related show blog, as well full concerts and “Tiny Desk Concerts” some in video and some in audio formats and first listens to new music not yet released.
  • Daytrotter – Really cool site for discovering mainly indie music. These are small 3-4 song live performances (done on off days  of a tour) of fairly unknown artist.  They release a new performance every single day.  (disclaimer this site has recently become a pay site but is well worth the $2 a month)
  • Bandcamp – is both a site for discovering many great musicians, but also a way for you to buy music (both digital and physical copies) directly from the artist who make the music.  In most cases this has streams of full albums.
  • – This site is cool in that it helps you discover music based on the music you already listening to.  You can manually add the things you listen to or you can do so by “scrobbling”.  Scrobbling is a means of sending the names and artist of song you listen to  You then can go to the site and see what you are listening to most as well as getting suggestions based on your listening behaviors.
  • AllMusic – This is basically a catalog of every album ever released.  You can go find information of rare out of print recording or about the latest releases.  I myself mainly use this site for information about new album releases in the form of an email.  (also has AllMovies and AllGames sites)
  • MetaCritic – This isn’t actually just a music site but is a great source for finding what is more widely considered good music.  Metacritic takes what many popular critics, magazines, and newspapers are saying in a review and combines all that data to give an album, movie, tv show or game a score based of all of the reviews.   (For instance recently released “Smile Sessions by the Beach Boys has a total score of 95 out of 100 base on 21 reviews from places such as the Chicago Tribune to Rolling Stone to AllMusic)

Of coarse we all visit sites that belong to our favorite bands.  We don’t really have to share these addresses, “” pretty much explains it all.  Obviously, you can always find good stuff about or from your favorite band just by browsing its pages but one thing I suggest for the hardcore fan is to join the mailing list.  Band have all sort of goodies that they only offer to there mailing lists.  Some newsletters make you aware of new things on the website, which can be useful if you want to have to save the time checking back all the time.  Bands also often offer exclusive content like Mp3s of rare EP or live performances or even new unreleased material.  They sometime give you access to exclusive deals on merchandise on there website or presales on tickets.  They even sometime give you the chance to win tickets or free signed swag.  I myself have enjoyed all of the above from subscribing to email newsletters. (well not signed swag yet).

So tell me where should I surf tonight?

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