So what am I so Afraid of?

I just called to say I love you!  I just called to say how much I care.  I just called to say I love you! And I mean it from the bottom of my heart.

So this will be the tenth and final mixtape of 2011.  I figured we would end the year with love.  Love is a many spendered thing.  Love lifts us up where we belong.  All we need is love.  I will always love you!  haha  Ok enough quotes from songs!  So let post your favorite love song,  it could be the song you share with that special someone, or the song you had your first kiss to.   Make it special!

All songs should be posted to the comments section of this post and should include Song, Artist, and Album.  This is a list I’d like to hear why these songs mean so much to you.  Please tell us who or why this song has been chosen.  If you have more that one song that is special to you that you would like to share, go ahead, but please as always try not to add more than 3.

As many know you can add song to the playlist yourself.  Just click on the following link and add it to you playlists in Spotify, then drag what ever song you want to add to the new playlist.  The Spotify playlists is here: Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 10 – So what am I so Afraid of?

I’ll make a YouTube playlist that can be found here: Let’s make a Mixtape, Vol. 10 – So what am I so Afraid of? (I will update this soon!)

So for me three songs come to mind.  The first is Through the Years by Kenny Rogers.  This is actually my parents wedding song, so though my parents love I’ve grown attached to it.  When this song comes on my mom automatically starts to tear up.  My view of love, in a big part comes from the love my parents have for each other.  The next song, Your Song as done by Ewan McGregor from one of my favorite movies, Moulin Rouge!  (directed by Baz Lurman)   This is a song that means a lot to a passed relationship I had.  Although we eventually fell out of love, this song still pull on my heart strings.  (this version is not on Spotify so I posted the original by Elton John) The last song I have to add to this mix is the song that reminds me of the love of my life, Andrea.  I wrote about this in the past in a blog post about song that remind me of someone. You can go HERE to read more about it.  Andrea and my song is of coarse You are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne.

The following is the playlists we have created:

  1. You’re the Inspiration by Chicago from the Chicago 17 posted by KidAJoe
  2. Your Song by Ewan McGregor from the Moulin Rouge! soundtrack by KidAJoe
  3. You are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontagne from the album Gossip in the Grain by KidAJoe
  4. God Only Knows by the Beach Boys from the album Pet Sounds by Brian K.
  5. Kiss Like Your Kiss by Lucinda Williams from the album Blessed by Brian K.
  6. Angie by The Rolling Stones from the album Goat Head Soup by Brian K.
  7. Wicked Game by Chriss Isaac from the album Heart Shaped World by Brandon R.
  8. Send His Love to Me by PJ Harvey from the album To Bring My Love by Brandon R.
  9. Supernaturally by Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds from the album The Lyre of the Orpheus by Brandon R.
  10. She is my Everything by John Prine from the album Fair & Square by Brandon R.
  11. Valiant by The Spill Canvas from the album One Tell Swoop by Erik G.
  12. Wild Horses by The Sundays from the album Blind by Erik G.
  13. Megan by Bayside featuring Josh Caterer from the album Acoustic by Erik G.
  14. Let’s Stay Together by Al Green from the album Let’s Stay Together by Nichole G.
  15. Steady As We Go by Dave Matthews Band from the album Stand Up by Nichole G.
  16. Shelter by Ray LaMontagne from the album Trouble by Nichole G.
  17. Calling You by Blue October from the album History for Sale by Jessie M.
  18. Songbird by Fleetwood Mac from the album Rumours by Jessie M.
  19. Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf from the album Indian Summer by Jessie M.
  20. Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet from the album Girlfriend by Chauncey B.
  21. I Will Never Get Tired Of You by King’s X from the album Faith, Hope, Love by Chauncey B.
  22. arms by Christina Perri from the album lovestrong. by Andrea T.
  23. Everytime by Britney Spears from the album In the Zone by Andrea T.
  24. Ice Cream by Sarah McLachlan from the album Fumbling Towards Ecstacy by Andrea T.
  25. All You Need is Live by The Beatles from the album Magical Mystery Tour by Georgie
  26. (They Long To Be) Close to You by The Carpenters from the album Close to You by Georgie
  27. All of Your Love by Hellogoodbye from the album Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! And More! by Georgie

18 thoughts on “So what am I so Afraid of?

  1. One of my all time favorites is you are the best thing, but since it’s on the list here are some of my favorites…Lets stay together-all Green, Steady as we go-Dave Mathews, Shelter-Ray Lamontagne. Live your top picks! Ewan McGregor Your song is awesome! 🙂

  2. Only three? 🙂 I don’t have time to give this the thought it deserves, but here are three I can think of right off. Calling You by Blue October. Super feel-good song that always makes me think of Ricky. Songbird by Fleetwood Mac. Beautiful! And Life Less Ordinary by Carbon Leaf.

  3. The Spill Canvas – Valiant, Bayside – Megan and The Sundays – Wild Horses. Two covers in there. The Bayside song originally done by the Smoking Popes(but also actually features the vocalist from the Popes) and obviously, Wild Horses, originally done by the mighty Stones, but The Sundays pretty it up real nice 🙂

  4. My first choice may seem to be a bit off the wall. It’s the song Girlfriend by Matthew Sweet off of the album Girlfriend. Angela and I used to listen to this song alot when her and I started dating. Seems like forever ago. My other choice is I Will Never Get Tired Of You by King’s X from the album Faith, Hope, Love. Just because King’s X are awesome.

  5. arms by Christina Perry album lovestrong
    ice cream by SAra Mclaughlin album evanesence
    everytime by Britney spears album in the zone

    1. Really Britney? again? I like the other two, especially the Christina Perry one, It reminded me of you also…just don’t let any off the guy read this comment…

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