I’m knuckleheads and during

Happy New Year fellow music lovers!  I am spending my last few moments of 2011 watching Coldplay on Austin City Limits and typing my first blog post for 2012.   2011 was such a great year for music.  It was one that brought me so much music love.  I fell in love with new artists such as The Civil Wars, James Blake and the tUnEyArDs as well as a bunch of others.  It also helped to concrete my love for the Fleet Foxes, The Black Keys and Bon Iver.   I discovered spotify in 2011 which has greatly expanded my library of music as well as a way to discover many more with the few click of my mouse and keyboard.  I know there are a mishmash of music clients out there fighting for a piece of the pie, but Spotify is my favorite digital format.

This was also the year I started this blog you are reading now, giving me another outlet to share the music I love as well as to learn from the many taste of my friends and fellow music lovers.  The creation of this blog has unveiled many more treasures than I could have ever hoped.  I have greatly enjoyed writing and hope in the new year to make some music of my own that can share with you.  I want to thank you all for comeing and reading my random postings and for sharing your thought and tastes with me!  I hope you will continue ti come and visit me as well invite some friend as well!

There is much to look forward to in the new year, I will look forward to albums from Mumford & Sons, The xx, and Pearl Jam just to name a few.  I am sure to discover many others that I don’t even know yet!

So to start the new year, please take a look at this video of the future of music in my family.  My nephew already had a very intimate love of music, one that I can’t wait to see develop over the years.  Enjoy this song sung the his Nana via Skype!  Happy 2012!

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