That’s Chocolate Diarrhea not Chocolate Dump!

How many of you have ever made a mixed tape or cd for someone?   I used to make them all the time.  With the invention of mp3s it seems like the day of sharing mixes is coming to an end.  Of coarse we’ve all been contributing to themed mixes here on my blog which has been both fun and interesting.   Well now I want to take this up a notch.

The next step in our progression of mixes is full fledged playlist created by one person.  This both brings us back to the days when we would make a mix for a friend or special new love interest and creates a mix that is full of the personality of it’s creater.   It also helps clear up the problem many of us have with just posting one to three songs.  Most of us have such large music love that narrowing it down to just a fewselect songs is difficult.

I do know that this will be more of a challenge for those of us who have very busy schedules.  For that reason I will only post one “full” mix tape a month.  We can all take a little more time to make these mixes for they will take a bit longer to put together on an individual basis.  I will continue to do our collaborative mixes in between.  I will again have themes to follow and as always I always welcome suggestions.

So for the first official mix is going to be free form.  What that means it can be anything you want it to be.  Just make a cool mix!

As always a few guideline just to keep these playlist from getting to out of hand.  Please keep this mixes on the 60-70 minute range max.  This is a rough goal, they can be more or less, but I know that I for one will less inclined to listen to whole mixes much longer than that. (atleast in one sitting)  The playlist can be posted one of three ways, you can make a Spotify playlist and/or youtube playlist and post the link, or you can just post names of the artists and songs list in the comments.  (I’ll create spotify playlists for all mixes and post them eitherway)

That’s about it, so have fun.   I can’t wait to hear YOUR mix!

7 thoughts on “That’s Chocolate Diarrhea not Chocolate Dump!

  1. Ha! Can’t do free form. I’ll wait until you post a theme. I am far too indecisive and have too many that I’d want to try to cram on to one. 🙂

      1. Bah!! Not nice!

        Okay, so I skimmed very quickly through some music folders and jotted down a few songs. No particular reason for any of these aside from a few current songs on repeat at my house and random ones that stood out while scrolling through the unending folders of music on our computer.

        Plain White T’s – Let Me Take You There
        Joni Mitchell – Case of You
        U2 – One
        Fun – We Are Young
        Blue October – The Follow Through
        Indigo Girls – Kid Fears
        Rob Thomas – Little Wonders
        Scarlet – Independent Love Song
        Metric – Gold, Guns, Girls
        Greg Laswell – Off I Go
        Peter Gabriel – Book of Love
        Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Follow You Into the Dark
        Muse – Hysteria
        Band of Horses – No One’s Gonna Love You
        Van Morrison – These Are the Days
        Tori Amos – Siren
        Tracy Chapman – Smoke & Ashes

        Don’t know how long this ends up being as I didn’t listen as I went (was trying to be quick and not think about it too much <—that would take FOREVER!). 🙂

  2. Our first mix posted! And from the one person that wouldn’t be able to find the time to do one. I think that puts pressure on the rest of you to find the time. Mine is already taking forever to do…

    Thanks Jessie

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