Hasta la Pasta!

(image courtesy of georgie)

Some of you might have noticed a new poster to our latest mixtape dedicated to love.  He is an old friend that I hung out with when he was still just a teen and I was in my second year of college.  At the time he was making what I referred to as rave music.    I showed mild interest in what he was doing, although it really wasn’t my thing.  Then little ol George moved back to Cleveland from which he came.  We stayed in touch over the years, really only enough to keep the link between us open.  Well his recent posts to the mix again opened the gate of communication.  I asked if he was still making music and he sent me the following link.  I always want to hear what my friends are doing so instantly downloaded it.   I was quite impressed with what I heard.  It still has root in his electronic beginnings, but its much more ambient than his older stuff.  upon furture digging I see he has several other EP’s posted that I’ve yet to explore, I can’t wait to hear what other musical journey he will take me on.  So follow the following link to his latest EP.  Without any further ado:

Broken Bliss Recordings artist Georgie

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