I have qualities

So I lifted this video (and post title) from a blog that I visit from time to time.  His blog is a little less of a blog and a little more of a diary. (not all that detailed diary) But I check in from time to time because he posts music on it from time to time.  If you want to check him out, he can be found at http://ihavequalities.wordpress.com/

This post really is meant for one of my coworkers though.  I recently discovered she had fairly decent musical taste with the help of a Secret Santa thing we did at work.  I pulled her name and had to do some research for a gift.  In my investigating I noticed she was using my favorite music resource, Spotify.  I also saw some music in her profile I hadn’t expected, and Colin Meloy (above video) was one.  I recently asked if she had listened to The Decemberists, which she said she hadn’t but had been meaning to.  So to help her on the music journey I am going to post a couple of my personal favorites.  The first come from the my favorite Decemberist album, The Hazards of Love.  It is a live performance of Rake Song from South by Southwest Festival 2009 (courtesy of NPR Music).  The second is a track from the album Picaresque titled Sixteen Military Wives and is an official video.

4 thoughts on “I have qualities

    1. hello again! I enjoyed the vids you posted on your blog. Lots of good stuff, even a couple new discoveries too! (The Rural Alberta Advantage and Yacht) Quite a broad spectrum of sounds between the two, but equally interesting!

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