Reign of Terror

Now begins my Reign of Terror, a weekend dedicated to good old Rock N' Roll.  Brian K. recently posted a comment to my last blog post asking "anyone remember Rock and Roll? "Electric" Guitars?"  So he is the major influence in this rock themed weekend.  I am, for once, going to shy away from my folk music and return to my headbanging roots.  (or atleast my fist in the air roots)

So the first song I want you to check out definitely makes me want to bang my head and throw a fist in the air.  It really slays, that must be why it is the first single from Sleigh Bells upcoming release Reign of Terror titled Born to Lose. I really like these guys because they play some really loud and driven music.  The best way to listen to them is with the volume knob turned up to 11.  If you ears aren't bleeding after listening to them you didn't have them loud enough. 

Took me a little work trying to figure out how to get a soundcloud link to post here, but finally figured it out.  Enjoy!

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