You Hear That? Two New Discoveries!

It appears I’m in the game of stealing content lately, but I’ve been a blog surfing fool and during my rounds (to blogs I’ve followed, I encourage you to)  I came across some great posts and want to share them.  One such blog You Hear That?? is a sweet one.  This person (I have yet to determine if the author is male or female) posts all sorts of music tidbits.  They are currently doing a series called New Years Reso-Tune-ion, dedicated to things they want to change about there musical tendencies in 2012.  Pretty entertaining reads!  The blog post I was specifically  interested in was the YHT Top 10 Albums of 2011 (part 1 & part 2) and how they compared to my list.  In the case of this list we had 4 albums the same, Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, Jame Blake and the tUnEyArDs.  Both Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. and The Alabama Shake couple of things I’ve listened to but haven’t spent enough quality time with. That leaves 4 albums that I haven’t heard at all and this is why I write and read music blogs.  New discoveries!    Three of these remaining four were not even on my radar!

Since reading YHT! top ten I’ve spent some time with two albums and have begun falling in love with both of them. (the other two I still look forward to hearing more of)  The first album Wondervisions by Delicate Steve is an instrumental band that does a brand of experimental pop.  I hate to put labels of music, both because you should make your own judgement on what you hear, plus this type of stuff is really hard to describe.   You can listen to this album via Spotify by clicking the album title above, or on this with the Bandcamp supplied player below.   The second artist is a guy who goes by the name of Youth Lagoon and his album The Year Of Hibernation.  I really had a hard time finding out much information about him, since he isn’t that big yet. (I’m guessing is the case)  In any case they sound a bit ambient indie rock.  As I couldn’t find a lot of info, the only link I can provide is the above Spotify link.

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