Like Spinning Plates

What are you listening to the most right now?  I am always looking for new discoveries, I dig them up all over the place.  The biggest reason I have this blog is to discover music for you and for me.  What band(s) are you liking? What bands should we all check out?  Your in control of this one.  Post you suggestions in the comments section of this post.  (if you are on the main page click the comments link right under the title).

Another thing, I’m looking for some help with this blog.  It is hard to keep all the plates spinning.  I would like someone who would be intertested in helping me with the mixtapes.  I sometimes find it hard to keep them updated, and hard to find the time to post youtube playlists.  I would give who ever a co-account to my blog.  (It could even lead to the ability to post your own topics for anyone who is interested)  If you are interested drop me an email at

One thought on “Like Spinning Plates

  1. I’m listening to Fair To Midland probably the most right now. Great underated band from Texas. Everyone should check them out. Very intense live show(at least from what I’ve seen on youtube).

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