Holy Roller Novocaine

Happy Sunday!  Of coarse its a happy Sunday here in the North East because the Patriots totally Tebowed the Bronos last night.  So as a salute to the Pats and for those of you who haven’t seen Jimmy Fallons latest laugh riot, here is TBowie…

Another day of playoff football today, but atleast I started the day with some tunes.  Yesterday I bought Bon Iver’s eponymous album as well as the Kings of Leon’s EP Holy Roller Novocaine on vinyl (the latter on red vinyl).  I was looking for Grizzly Bears album Veckatimist, but it wasn’t in stock at all.  Might have to order that one online.  The following is some KoL B-Side love for you from the above mentioned EP.

3 thoughts on “Holy Roller Novocaine

  1. Funny video Joe. I hope by your headline “Holly Roller Novocaine” You are not purposely dumping on us christians. I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt because I’m pretty sure you have a more open mind than that. I’ve known you for a long time. That being said “Go Pats!”

    1. With out getting in a great big theoretical debate, the title is two things. First and foremost is is the title of the EP I bought earlier in the day that I wanted to mention. Second, it was ironic, but certainly not intentional. Tim Tebow the religious zealot and his Broncos losing to the Patriots was like applying Holy Roller Novocaine. In that I mean, all we have been hearing the past 6 -8 weeks is about Tebow. I do respect the right of everyone to believe in what ever they want. That being said, if Tebow has the right kneel and pray with god on the sideline, I can certainly have the right make fun of him for it.

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