Chocolate Dump Mixtape (update 01/21/12)

Only 10 days left to make this months mixtape.  More details can be found here: Thats Chocolate Diarrhea Not Chocolate Dump   I am hoping we get a few submissions for this one.  I know Brandon wanted to make one.  I’m hoping Chauncey, Brian and Erik will also.  Anyway, I finished mine up today.  I like it, hope you do too!  Spotify links below.

Mixtapes for January:

You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me!  by Jessie M.

It’s O.K. Sweetie, Accidents Happen by KidAJoe

Keep them coming!!

7 thoughts on “Chocolate Dump Mixtape (update 01/21/12)

    1. Well, Kevin, This one you are commenting on is a full mixtape. Details are in the “mixtape” link within the email. (links to an older post.) If you just want to add a single song to our collaborative mixtapes the easiest way is click the “Master Mixtape” link to the right. It contains the link to all the bolg post for each of the dozen themed mixtapes we have created. The directions for posting songs are on each blog post. If you have any other questions let me know

        1. Uh? What? I’m confused…I just gave you the directions you asked for…I’m not sure what I did wrong. Sorry to have offended you. I’m still confused though…

          1. Please accept my appolgies. I totally mis-read your response, there may have been alcohol involved. Again, please accept my appologies. BTW, your tapes ROCK, even my wife likes them!!!

            1. No worries! I posted a new mixtape today, feel free to add a song. You can add a song by posting a comment to the new blog post, or I can help you get set up with Spotify, your choice! And thanks for the compliment! It’s really my readers that make them! So thanks to them! hehe

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