I would rather watch Barnie!

Those were the words uttered by another coworker when I mention I would play Kenny G.   Of coarse I would never do that to myself, but I might to torture others.  So I figured I would talk about music that drives me crazy.  A while back I posted a mixtape about this very topic.  My top pick by far was Lips of an Angel by Hinder.  That song kills me.  Not only is the song painful it brings up memories of unrequited love.   Well maybe not exactly unrequited love, more like unattainable crush. But everything happens for a reason, both of us are very happily engaged to others and remain good friends to this day.  We really don’t get to hang out anymore, but hopefully one day that will happen again.

Really anything with Justin Beiber just gets to me too!  Never Say Never in particular just completely kills me.  The worst part of it is my fiance know it and tortures me by singing it to me all the time.   So sorry teenie boppers but I took some aspirin for my Beiber fever!

I heard someone talking about how much they hate Taylor swift the other day.  Being a mainstream pop country artist, would have thought I would feel the same.  For some reason I don’t get that feeling with her.  I mean I wouldn’t ever go out and buy anything she put out (at least not yet) but I can stand having to listen to her from time to time.

So what do you hate?

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