That sounds like Japanese music!

“Huh?” was my reply with a bewildered look on my face.  I was listening to Rubber Factory by the Black Keys at the time.  For anyone who doesn’t know this album is pretty much a blues rock album.  Not Japanese sounding at all.  You can hear by the song I posted above.  The coworker who said this is a 60+ year old lady who lost her keys in the fridge one night and frequently tries getting in the wrong car at night when going home.  So I shouldn’t have been to surprised.  In anycase, the Black Key are certainly one of my favorite bands and this is the perfect opportunity to gush about them.

I am actually a bit of a late comer to the Black Keys.  They had gained quite a following before I really gave them a good listen.  In 2008, NPR’s All Songs Considered was raving about how much they all loved the new Black Keys album record Attack & Release.  I was certainly curious to hear what was so special about it gave it a listen.  I don’t think I really even fell in love with it immediately.  But over time I fell in love with it and when Brothers came out I was eager to check it out.  It was about this time I also did my best to listen to the four previous albums also.

I now consider them one of my favorite bands.  I love the blues, and I love indie rock so I guess its a no brainer.  I’m pretty excited too,  I will soon get to see them live as I have tickets to see them on my birthday in March.  I will certainly be blogging about it so stay tuned the first or second week of March.

2 thoughts on “That sounds like Japanese music!

  1. Hey Joe, I am a new commer to them too. Just started listening to their new one a couple of weeks ago. I had never heard of them before that. Is their another album I should check out that stands above the others?

    1. That is such a tough question. The first three albums are a bit more lo-fi, and very heavy with the blues. Magic Potion kind of is the start of a more polished sound, and about the time they started getting better production. I am particularly fond of the first album I really heard Attack & Release. I have also played the heck out of Brothers (so much so I had to make myself stop playing it for a while) and the new one El Camino rocks! So really if you want something more raw, pick one of the first three. If you want something more polished one of the last four. Eitherway you really can’t lose.

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