Yud-say boom da gasser, den crash Der Bosses heyblibber

I was watching Star Wars -The Phantom Menace (TPM for short) this morning and it got me thinking about music in movies again.  I say again because a while back my friend wanted me to write about this exact subject which I covered in Any of you fricking pricks move, and I’ll execute every motherfricking last one of ya!  As anyone close to me know I have always been a huge Star Wars fan and although TPM is probably the worst of all the Star Wars films, it does have some of my favorite music.  I actually bought this soundtrack before the movie came out and listened to it quite a bit around the original release of the film.

There is a some what funny story about me the day I purchased this soundtrack.  My friend, Olaf and I had gone to a midnight release party for the much anticipated follow up to Nine Inch Nail’s the Downward Spiral.   We had all waited 5 years for a new NIN album and I was very eager to hear it.   Well, as I always do I continued to shop for other music while picking up this new record, and decided I would pick up the soundtrack the TPM.  At some point during this process I started cursing out loud.  Olaf asked, dude What’s wrong?, to which I replied, I just fncking read the track listings and read a spoiler.  Qui-gon dies! Fncking Sh!t!  I was really mad.  I had spent all my time up to the release of TPM avoiding anything that might “spoil” any part of the film.  Olaf still laughs about that to this day!  The following is Duel of the Fates, which is played during the fight sequence at the end of the film.

Another film I watched recently was Alfred Hitchcock’s Pyscho.  All Hitchcock films rely heavily of the soundtrack.  Hitch was known as the master of suspense and lot of that suspense came from the score by Bernard Herrmann.  Throughout the first part of the film, the motif  stays the same never really fluctuating that much.  I learned today that is called ostinato. This helps build the suspense of the film during parts that are not that suspenseful.    Of coarse, the most famous music happens during the shower scene.  I won’t go into details, for it might be a spoiler to some.  The funny part is that originally Hitch wanted the shower scene to contain no music what so ever.  To that I just want to thank Mr. Herrmann for not listening! If you have not seen this film you owe it to yourself to check it out! (and anything Hitchcock for that matter!)  The track below is main theme to the film.

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