The King is back!

Yes, I know you have all been anxiously been waiting the dramatic come back of King Diamond.  For those who don’t know, King Diamond is a heavy metal god.  He is probably not as well known as he should be in my opinion.  He is known for his wild range of vocals and theatrical shows and music.  He also has collaborated with an incredible guitarist Andy LaRocque for years and years.

The other thing most might not know is the King suffered  a heart attack in late 2010 and had to undergo a triple bypass.  A pretty scary thing for even the King to go through.  Well after some time of rest and healing the King is set the stage again!   He recently signed with some new booking agents and has already lined up performances at a festival in Sweden and in France.  A long way from us but potentially  North American show will be on the horizon!

Although I have swayed away from my metal root in recent years, the King is one I would love to see live.  I hope to check him off my list of show I’d like to see before I die.  (that a good idea for a blog post!)  Anyway, enjoy the song Give Me Your Soul from the album Give me your Soul…Please.


One thought on “The King is back!

  1. You know I love the King. I haven’t listened to his new stuff as much but his first five albums are all time classics in my book. I hope King stays well for years to come.

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