I need a band aid, where is the First Aid Kit?

Today, I want to share with you one of my favorite artist, First Aid Kit.   I discovered these young ladies a couple years ago when doing a YouTube search for the Fleet Foxes.  I discovered a cover they had done for the song Tiger Mountain Peasant Song that had gotten them a lot of attention.  It is an amazing song and possibly even more amazing cover. (You may have already heard this cover as one of my selections on a mixtape found here)  Here is the video that started it all.

Last year while touring in support of there first album, while passing through Nashville they got a call from Jack White.  He asked if they would come into the studio and record a couple songs.  They accepted,reco rded and released a 7″ as part of Jack’s Third Man Records Blue series.  They did a cover of Buffy Saint Marie’s Universal Soldier as well as a cover of of the old blues standard It Hurts Me Too originally recorded Tampa Red.  The following is a live performance of the first of these song.

First Aid Kit is made up of sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg.  They are from Sweden. Supposedly a  friend introduced them to the music of Bright Eyes and they then decided they wanted to write music.  I want to thank that friend!!  They recently recorded a couple songs with Conor Oberst, a cover of the White Stripes We Are Gonna Be Friends as well as Conor contributing vocals to the last track on First Aid Kit’s new album The Lion’s Roar.  I’m sure it was a pretty amazing experience for them.  Another note, The Lion’s Roar is produced by Mike Mogis one of the current members of Bright Eyes.  The following is the title track from this new album.

If you like it go out and buy there albums, they are amazing!

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