Double booked!

As usual no time to do a full post on Friday.  I always seem on the run on Fridays, well just a little tidbit about the weekend.   I have to run out the door to work in like 10 minutes so this will be short.

First off, Wilco will be on Austin City Limits on Saturday Night.  That on PBS for those who don’t know.  Here is a link to the promo for the program. I can’t wait to see this!

Also Saturday Night Live will be featuring Bon Iver.  I am glad to see SNL with some great musicians this year.  Here is a link to the promo for this weeks SNL.

Get your DVR’s ready!

One thought on “Double booked!

  1. What an awesome night! First PBS had Adele on a show called The Artist Den, whcih was followed by the Wilco Austin City Limits show. At the same time Bon Iver performed on SNL. I was able to catch the Bon Iver performances by clicking back and forth. One downfall though was Bon Iver coming on at the same time as the big guitar part in The Art of Love. (possibly my favorite Wilco song now)

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