Un-Double Booked

I figured I would help out those Wilco/Bon Iver fans today.  I was able to watch most of both performances last night, but wanted to revisit them both.  So I went searching for them today and found them both (and a little bit more!)

First Bon Iver performed Holocene and Beth/Rest.   Both performances were amazing!  You can see them on the official Saturday Night Live page here and here.

I also got the chance to go back and watch the moments I missed of Wilco on Austin City Limits.  I was switching back and forth between the two.  I was pretty upset to have missed a portion of Art of Almost and was able to go back and watch the big guitar jam at the end of the track.  This is starting to become my favorite Wilco songs.  You can go watch the whole hour long set here.

Something extra for you. If you go to the Austin City Limits page here, you can see past performances by Florence + the Machine,  Lykke Li. Fleet Foxes, Joanna Newsom, Arcade Fire, The Head and the Heart, Coldplay, Tom Waits and many others.

Another show I wasn’t aware of was a show called live from the (((artist den))).  Last nights show was with Adele, are great vocalist and one of my fiances favorites.   It’s not very often I get to watch a music related show with Andrea that we both can appreciate.  If you want to see Adele or any of the past show you can go here.   (the past shows links are at the bottom of this page.)

Enjoy!  I did!

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