Vinyl Haven

My vinyl collection has been growing pretty quickly lately.  A combination of getting a new turntable for christmas and a small amount on extra money from taxes have helped out with this department.  I figured it was time to comment a little about vinyl and my collection.

So here is the answer to the question I have been getting a lot lately.  Why do you buy vinyl?

There really is two reasons for my love of vinyl.  The first reason is mentioned above, audio quality and the second is physical validations.  I don’t want to go to deep into these reason (since I have before in the past) but Let’s mention that I am an audiophile.  An audiophile is some one who has interest in high-fidelity music and recordings.  We are interested in hearing music at the highest of quality possible.  I have briefly mentioned this in my blog post about lossless audio titles XTC Vs. Adam Ant.  I also love to open up the packaging an artist has provided with the music, to read lyrics and linear notes about there recordings.  I also am a big fan of album art work.  Many times great art work can influence me into checking out something I have never heard before.  So the combination of wanting something in my hands physically eliminating Mp3s and the fidelity of audio eliminating CD’s, that only leaves me with vinyl records.  Mind you I still occasionally by CD’s (then rip to mps) and frequently buy Mp3’s (since I can’t carry my turntable everywhere withe me).  Many vinyl’s come with free Mp3 downloads of the album now!

Anyway the following is my current vinyl catalog.  It is still pretty small, but still obviously growing.

12″ Records or 33’s

  • Grizzly Bear – Veckatimist
  • Radiohead – TKOL RMX 2
  • Radiohead – TKOL RMX 4
  • Radiohead – TKOL RMX 7
  • Radiohead – The Butcher/Supercollider
  • Radiohead – My Iron Lung E.P. (45)
  • Radiohead – Street Spirit E.P. (45)
  • Fleet Foxes – Homelessness Blues
  • Fleet Foxes – Fleet Foxes/Sun Giant E.P.
  • Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues/Grown Ocean (Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive)
  • Bon Iver – Bon Iver
  • The Civil Wars- Barton Hollow
  • The Fiery Furnaces – I’m Going Away
  • The Decemberist – The Perfect Crime #2 E.P.
  • Iron and Wine – Morning Become Electric (Limited Edition)
  • Dropkick Murphys – Do or Die
  • Dropkick Murphys – The Gangs All Here
  • Dropkick Murphys – Sing Loud, Sing Proud!
  • Dropkick Murphys/The Business – Mob Mentality Split
  • Aerosmith – Toys in the Attic
  • Creedence Clearwater Revival – Green River

10″ Records (45’s)

  • Kings of Leon – Holy Roller Novocaine (Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive Red Vinyl)
  • The Civil Wars – Track in the Snow (Record Store Day Black Friday 2011 Exclusive White Vinyl)
  • Wilco – Speak Into The Rose (Record Store Day Black Friday 2011 Exclusive Red Vinyl)
  • Radiohead – The King of Limbs (Newspaper Edition Clear Vinyl)

7″ Records or 45’s

  • The White Stripes – Lafayette Blues/Sugar Never Tasted So Good
  • The White Stripes – Hello Operator/Jolene
  • Jack White – Fly Farm Blues
  • Jack White – Love Interruption/Machine Gun Silhouette
  • Becky & John – I’ll Be There If Ever You Want/I’m Making Plans
  • John & Tom – Gonna Lay Down My Old Guitar/Lonesome Yodel Blues #2
  • First Aid Kit – Universal Soldier/It Hurts Me Too
  • First Aid Kit – Ghost Town/When I Grow Up
  • The Black Keys – The Moan/Have Love Will Travel
  • Pearl Jam/Frogs – Immortality/Rearviewmirror (Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive Split)
  • Pearl Jam – Spin the Black Circle/Tremor Christ
  • The Decemberist – December Hymn/Row Jimmy (Record Store Day Limited Edition)
  • Lower Dens – Deer Knives/Tangiers (Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive)
  • Danielson – Our Givest/Jokin’ At The Block Remix
  • Broken Bells – The High Road/An Easy Life
  • Xui Xui/Deerhoof – Almost Xui Xui, Almost Deerhoof/The Greg Saunier Retaliation (Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive Split)
  • Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly/Have a Cigar
  • Ramones/Red Hot Chili Peppers – Havana Affair Side By Side (Record Store Day 2011 Exclusive)
  • Ramones – I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/Judy is a Punk (1975 demo versions)
  • Dropkick Murphys/Oxymoron Split – Irish Stout Vs. German Lager
  • Dropkick Murphys/The Business Split – Mob Mentality
  • Dropkick Murphys/Agnostic Front Split – Unity
  • Dropkick Murphys – Curse of a Fallen Soul
  • Anti-Heroes Vs. Dropkick Murphys Split
  • Anti-Heroes – Election Day
  • Oxymoron – Crisis Identity
  • The Donnas – Rock N Roll Machine/Speeding Back to My Baby
  • Michael Jackson – Ben/You Can Cry on my Shoulder
  • Rob Zombie – Dragula (Limited Edition Promo)
  • Matt and Kim – Cameras (Record Store Day 2011 Free Exclusive)
  • Thomas Dybdahl/Laura Jansen Split – A Love Story/Single Girls (Record Store Day 2011 Free Exclusive)

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