Happy Birthday!

Today, on Sunday February 19th, 2012, this blog turns 100 posts old.  Yes, I know that it’s still just a baby, but it has started to grow and have a little direction.  So far I’ve started to uncover, my musical roots, as well as shown the music tastes that have developed from them.  I have just barely started to tell you about the large amount of concert I have seen, and the large girth music I really listen to.  What little you have seen from these are just “tips of the iceberg” territory.    I also have shared a small amount of good music coming out of the good old state on Maine, this is one I’d like to expand upon in the future!  We collectively have made a bunch of sweet mixtapes covering all sorts of themes exposing us both to new music.  You have seen me start to tackle the music challenge meme, however how embarrassing it has been for me.  You have even seen my opinions on a few topics such as religion, audio quality, and the future of music. (insert Spotify commendation here!)

What will the future bring?  That I do not know.   I know I will be making changes to the lay out to make it more user friendly.  I may even tackle creating my own layout as opposed to custom made ones.  I know I want to keep it personal, sharing my likes and hates and experiences.

Anyway, thank you to all who have visited me in this first 100 posts.  I hope to keep it going for many many more!

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