Hello my friends. As you may have noticed, I have been away from my blog now for a couple weeks.  Some of you may know that I got married this past week and have been very busy with preparations as well as with an excellent trip to Key West, Florida.   I am now home and very tanned and ready to start posting on my blog again.  (among other things)

I actually didn’t really get much time to spend with my music the past week.  To my own bewilderment I was so busy chillin on the beach and enjoying my new wife that I didn’t even visit a record store on my trip.  That is possibly a first!  Although I missed my music wife, my new lady wife is well worth it.

I have spent a little time since getting home playing some vinyl, and trying to catch up on music news.

What I missed this week:  a new song by the Arcade Fire, a performance of Jack White on Saturday Night Live, 4 concerts including 2 news songs from my favorite band Radiohead, a new Bon Iver video and a new Shins video.  I’m sure I missed more, but those are just the few thing I know I missed.

So I am over at dimeadozen.org downloading two of the Radiohead shows.  While watching various of the above mentioned videos over on Stereogum.com.  I am doing this all while trying to burn some music for a friend and uploading my wedding pictures from my camera. Pretty hectic really.

I should be completely back in the swing of thing tomorrow.  Tuesday I see the Black Keys.  So I’ll will be posting an update about that probably wednesday.  I am glad to be back and ready to tackle life as a married man.



2 thoughts on “Hiatis

  1. Welcome back. Infatuated with the old boss again. Bought the new LP Wrecking Ball and it came with a CD so I can enjoy in multiple formats (iPod, computer, CD player, phone, car via phone bluetooth, and turntable). After about 3 listens I think this is one of his best. Of his 17 studio releases, I’d put this one near the top 5. Of everything released after 1984, this is at least one of his top three best if not his very best. I agree with Rolling Stone on this one – 5 stars out of 5. He’s had at least 5-6 LPs that I think are essential to anyone who thinks they love rock and roll and Americana. He is America’s poet laureate.

    Check him out on the Jimmy Fallon show. It was Bruce week which cuminated with the Friday show which was all boss. Bruce does a spoof of 80s Bruce and Fallon does his Neil Young impersonation singing LMFAOs I know I’m sexy.

    1. Too funny! I love Jimmy Fallon’s Neil Young bits. It was quite funny to see the boss making fun of himself! The musical performances were great too. I’ll will check out his new one, but what other albums you think are the essentials?

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