Why oh why do you suck?

It’s been a while since I’ve done the KidAJoe Music Challenge.  I kind of forgot about it actually.  I guess I’ve had some much more interesting things to say one here.  Or maybe I’m just forgetful…

So today I will do a song by an artist that you used to love, but now are at least a little ashamed of (because either you or they changed).  This seems easy since we all grow and change over time.

The first artist that automatically came into my mind was the Offspring.  For a short time in my high school I loved them.  I thought they were so cool.  I listened to there album Smash a million times.  But as time went on and they gained greater popularity I seemed to not like them as much.  Recently I actually checked out a single from there latest album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace and couldn’t even get through the whole video.  I will not make any of you suffer though it, as I will post a song I do like called Bad Habit.  This is live in 1994 at the Billboard Awards.

The other artist that come to mind in this scenario is Lenny Kravitz.  Lenny isn’t actually some one I can say I hate though.  I actually like some of the stuff he does while hating the rest.  I am a big fan of his albums Let Love Rule, Are you Going to Go My Way, Circus and It is Time for a Love Revolution, all while hating his albums Lenny, 5, and Baptism.  The jury is still out on his latest Black and White America since I have not really spent much time with it yet.  I’ll share a video from Circus called Can’t Get You Out of My Mind.

What about you?

5 thoughts on “Why oh why do you suck?

  1. Def Leppard – Pour Some Sugar On Me

    One of the worst songs and representative of the cheesiest era of rock and roll ever.

  2. Journey – Dont stop believing. Another one of the worst songs ever from a band I originally liked when I was about 12.

  3. I could do this all day…..Originally I loved these guys for about 2 months, then I realized what cheesie crap this was.

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