The Black Keys – 2012-03-06 – Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

Yes, I know I have mentioned a few times here (and a million times on Facebook), but I went to see the Black Keys last night.  It was an amazing show! My sister and I had a awesome time! I can’t wait to see them again and again and again…

I am actually a fairly new fan of the Black Keys.  I discovered them through NPR’s All Song Considered sometime around the release of Attack & Release in 2008.  I really liked the album but it wasn’t until Brothers came out that I really started giving them a wider listen.  I fell deeply in love with Brothers, and started to seek out there older stuff as a result.  I gotta say I think it really sucks that I discovered them so late because everything they have put out is so amazing. Better late than never they say.

So when I saw (via the Black Keys email newsletter) that they were coming to Portland, ME I was super excited.  After the euphoria cleared I noticed that the show was on my birthday!  I instantly new it was fate. So a couple conversations with my sister and two days later, I bought our tickets.  I actually bought my tickets two days before the general pre-sale via an exclusive Black Keys newsletter pre-sale.  (tip to readers, sign up for your favorite bands email newsletters).

So last night, after dinner with my new wife and sister at Granny Burritos (do check them out if ever in Portland) and a quick trip to Bull Moose (our local record store), we went to the show.  The Arctic Monkeys were the opening band.  They did one hell of a job although I think much of the Maine crowd was pretty unfamiliar with them.  I myself am a semi-fan of them and was pretty excited to see them live.  They played 15 songs which is quite a lot for and opening band.   If you would like to see the set list go check it out at  Annika got a signed copy of the set list.  Cool concert swag!  My picture below is a little blurry, but apparently the only one I took of them.

After a pretty short break and abandoning our spot near the front (we are getting to old for the pushy crowd) The Black Keys came out.  The crowd was amazingly loud.  Lets put that into perspective, Maine crowds are usually pretty tame compared to shows in other places.   I often wonder if fan in Maine are even awake for shows here.  I even think that bands get put off by how subdued a Maine crowd can be, they just have to realize us Mainers are pretty chill.  That being said the fans last night rocked it.

Based on the set-list posted at, they played 21 songs.  I knew they played a lot of songs but I didn’t realize they played that many.  My sister and I totally rocked out and I for one have a very sore voice from screaming and yelling so much.  Below is one of the dozen or so pictures I took during the set.  Amazing show!

I did buy a t-shirt at the show as I always do at all my favorite shows.  As you can see below it is a baseball style shirt with a Black Keys logo on the front and a list of all the tour dates on the back,  I would have like to have purchased one of the tour posters for this particular show but had to refrain from spending to much money.  Anyway, amazing show if you get a chance go see them.  (tour dates are listed on the shirt below).  Thanks for going with me sister!


5 thoughts on “The Black Keys – 2012-03-06 – Cumberland County Civic Center, Portland, ME

  1. Send me the rest of the picks please. I wanna see the one of u and me the lit Blake keys sign and the disco bell…:) please

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