Hell Dragon

In my forever running quest for music I love, I started blogging.  As a result I started visiting others music related blogs as both a way of trying to discover music, but also a way of learning what people are blogging about and to get ideas for my blog.  In my adventures to foreign blogs I have discovered lot of great blogs and tons of different music.  One band in particular that has been in heavy rotation is a band called the Black Girls.

The Black Girls are a cool blend of indie rock, soul and funk.  I saw one blog refer to them as snuff rock. I have no idea what that means, but whatever you call them, they are good.  These guys hail from Richmond, VA and are signed to a label called Worthless Junk Records.  I actually discovered them after first seeing a fellow blogger reviewing a split 45 from Worthless Junk label mates the White Laces and a Philadelphia band called the Arches.  As a result I ended up ordering the 45 myself.  When I received my package I was surprised to also find a copy of the Black Girls eponymous first album.  I ripped it to Mp3 and fell in love.  Since then the Black Girls have release there second album called Hell Dragon.  I have been streaming it pretty religiously via Spotify.  As soon as I can afford to I’ll be buying it on vinyl!

Black Girls are currently on tour with The Head and the Heart.  They are scheduled to be here in Portland, ME, Friday, March 17th (tomorrow).  I wish I could go, but will sadly be working.  Give a listen below to the first four tracks of the latest album.  The first track features the No BS! Brass Band (side project of Bon Iver horn man, Reggie Pace).  If you like it go buy it!!

2 thoughts on “Hell Dragon

  1. Back to the 1960s with a lot of these bands, which is good. I think the last time 60s music had a huge influence on modern music was back in the 1990s when you could hear a lot of the Beatles, Velvet Underground, the Doors, Who, Kinks, Hendrix, Jeff Airplane, Pink Floyd and Stones in a lot of “grunge” bands from those days.

    Today, lately there’s been a lot more blues influence in new and indie music that sounds a lot like Cream, the Yardbirds, Jeff Beck Group, Love, Santana, etc.

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