Dazed and Confused.

March has been a busy month so far.  Our trip to Key West led us into the month.  Since then I have been doing all the work it takes to go back to school.  My mom was in for a few days and my twins were sick with strep throat.  Baseball season has started all while college hockey and basketball are wrapping up.  Throw in a afternoon shopping for a new bed and some super hot days in March, I have not had the time to post anything here.    Makes me wonder what my blog will be like when I’m taking classes full time.  I guess we will see.

So despite all of the above I always find time for music.  It is what grounds me.  It is my higher power.  I have had some music HDD lately though.  I have not been into anyone band really.  I just pick something at random and listen.  I was looking at my “top bands” in spotify and was thinking, did I listen to anything on that list more than once?

Speaking of my top list, I don’t get how they come up with the results they post.  Let’s take a look at the latest lists.  First the top 5 bands were The Avett Brothers, Department of Eagles, Cake, Andrew Bird and Vetiver.  The top 5 albums were In The Park by Department of Eagles, Fashion Nugget by Cake, Break It Yourself by Andrew Bird, Emotionalism by the Avett Brothers and The People’s Key by Bright Eyes.    Note those are all in order.  How can the Avett Brothers be my top artist but only be 4th in top albums.  Everything else is shifted up except for Vetiver whose self titled album is ranked 6th.  It doesn’t make sense.  I listen to full albums, not just singles.  Peculiar to say the least!

****So I started writing this post on March 22nd.  It will get posted today I promised myself.  ****

I need to get back on track.  New post following this.

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