Thart Sminking.

Wow! Lots of new music this weekend!   In my last post I asked you all what artists I should check out.  For the most part I was greatly impressed and can’t wait to spend some quality time with these new loves.  I did have some trouble with a few though.  I used to be a quite a metal head back in the day, but age has apparently caught up with me.  Not that I hate it or anything, just really have to be in the mood for hard stuff to actually enjoy it.  I guess my teenage angst years are behind me.  I do tend to like heavy stuff while working on the shipping dock at work, maybe I’ll tune those one in there.  Other choices were just to popish and clean cut for my taste, I will leave it at that.  To each there own!

So the Mars Volta has been my big muse lately.    They are a band I’ve always meant to check out and because they just release a new album have finally taken the time to give them a spin.  (Do mp3s spin?)  They have a certain notoriety in the music scene and now I realize why.

The Mars Volta formed from the ashes of the once promising At the Drive In.  At the Drive In was a amazing post-hardcore band that had a ton of energy when they were on the stage and had created quite following before there break up.  They were on the fringe of breaking though to main stream audience when creative differences (and boredom?) sent the 5 members down 2 different roads.  From this break up two bands formed,  Sparta and The Mars Volta.  Sparta in many ways has followed in the path of At the Drive, throwing out post-hardcore music, although I think they lean more towards the hard rock and indie rock worlds than the hardcore realm.   The Mars Volta on the other had definitely went down a bit more experimental road.

I should add that these observations are based on a pretty small portion size, I really have only been listening to these band for less that 10 days. (in the case of Sparta less than 48 hours)  I really think that my best relationship is going to build with The Mars Volta.  To me they seem more real, more passionate than Sparta.  That doesn’t mean I’ll push Sparta aside but based on what I have heard so far The Mars Volta has certainly gotten a lot more of my affection.  I’ve been watching a whole lot of there videos on YouTube today and already can’t wait for an opportunity to see them live.  I will leave you with a live version of Goliath from the album The Bedlam in Goliath that I particularly enjoyed.  I have not heard this album yet, but after hearing this song it is now next on my list!

4 thoughts on “Thart Sminking.

  1. Joe – Great stuff musically. Not sure the lyrics do much for me but I don’t think these are the signer-songwriter trabadour types, so that’s not really applicable. You know my usual response goes something like this….”big 1960s influence here”. And it’s so true. Whether they realize it or not there are tons of new bands who sound like they grew up listening to their parents (or maybe even grandparents music). I could go on and on about the different bands these guys sound like. Some of it is a blend of different styles from that era. You could probably go back a little further to some of the Be-Bop Jazz music from the 1950s. I always wonder what some of these sounds and styles would have sounded like back in the 60s to people in their teens and early-20s when the only thing most young people had heard prior to that was Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra or Lawrence Welk.

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