Arrow in my Heart

I’m still slowly working on the last mixtape.  If you missed it go check it out, I’m a self made man.  As I mentioned already once before there were a lot of great artists suggested and few of which I completely fell in love with.  I figured I would slowly share these new loves with you.

The first came from a suggestion that Andrea C. gave me.  She actually suggested 3 bands, Heartless Bastards, Band of Skulls, and Monsters of Folk.  I picked the one band I had never heard of to check out for the mixtape.

The Heartless Bastards hail from Cincinnati, Ohio.  They mix a blend of blues and garage rock.  The lead singer, Erika Wennerstrom, has very strong vocals, and probably can be considered the driving force behind the band.  The following video is Got to Have Rock n Roll from their latest album Arrow.  It is a live performance from the Late Show with David Letterman shortly after the release of the album.

I read on their wikipedia page that they had been compared to The Black Keys.  For some reason that came as some surprise to me, but upon further listening I could definitely hear the Keys playing some of these songs.  This next video is actually 2 songs, one I’m not sure of the title of (still learning)  and the second is Runnin from their first album Stairs and Elevators.  They are both done acoustically by Erika by herself and are broken up my a little interview session done by some fans.

Great stuff in my opinion, I can’t wait to dig a little deeper.  So far I’ve only listened to the latest album, it will be interesting to see what the older one have in store for me.

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