RSD 2012 Swag!!

Happy Record Store Day 2012 everyone!  I picked up a ton of great stuff, home for lunch and a first listen then I’m off to watch various live music!  The run down of my day so far is as follows…

I was up at 7:15am and out the door at 7:50am, after a quick coffee stop at Dunkin’ Donuts,  I arrived at Bull Moose Scarborough at about 8:20am.  The line was much shorter than last year at this time.  I was sixth in line!  The people were pretty quiet but there was little bit of conversation about music and RSD.  Some reporter (or was he just taking pictures for Bull Moose?) was out front talking to Chris Brown and taking pictures.  I was right in front of the RSD sign so I know he got some shot of me, who know I could be in the paper on Monday.  Chris walked up and down the line chatting with everyone.  He asked what we were all looking for and gave some of us up front some direction of certain items were.  He actually even went back into the store to scout out items for people.

I did pretty good with my list.  (Previous post)  I got the Black Keys El Camino Special Edition which is on two disc 180-gram vinyl (at 45 RPMs even).  It included a 7″ that included live versions of Money Maker and Sister, a giant poster featuring a lot of different old cars and a CD copy of the album (which my sister is buying from me for a million dollars).   It was the only full length album I got today, the rest of these are 45’s.  I also got The White StripesHand Springs 7″, which apparently Bull Moose only got 3 or 4 of them according to Chris.  As a result of this information it was the very first thing I grabbed.  It was on beautiful clear red vinyl with black smoke mixed in.  It is really the prettiest one I got.   See below (not sure why its posting upside down though)

I also got: The Flaming Lips/Mastodon, Spoonful Weighs a Ton, Side by Side on pink vinyl, Feistodon (nice name!) split record which is a Mastodon and Feist split, Deerhoof/Of Montreal split on clear gold vinyl, and Joey Ramone single Rock N’ Roll is the Answer on clear red vinyl.  I also picked a bunch of free swag.  I got 15 or so different Record Store Day exclusive samplers, most notable (at least to me) was the Subpop Mixed Nuts sampler.  I also go a cool #DEFJAMBACKVINYL featuring music from Young Jeezy, Big Krit, The-Dream and the Roots on a limited edition clear vinyl.  Oh yeah, I got another cool RSD pin.  I hope I don’t lose this one!

I edited this finally and added a few tidits.  My next post has even more about these and other stuff I got as well as a run down of the rest of my day.  You can get the by click THIS!

Oh yeah thanks to the two people who linked to my page.  Here are links to there RSD posts: As A Matter of Fact & Bazaar Daily News


9 thoughts on “RSD 2012 Swag!!

  1. I went to the Bull Moose in Banger. I didn’t purchase any of the special releases but I did pick up a couple of free samplers, cool Mastodon/Opeth tour poster and a couple of cd’s I have been waiting to get. Accept – Stalingrad and Halestorm – The Strange Case Of…..

    Looks like you had a pretty good haul dude, happy for ya!

      1. Thanks Chris! I’ll be posting more pictures in the coming weeks as well as my takes on some of the stuff I got! I’ve written about you on here a few times! Thank you visiting and even more for thinking up Record Store Day! I have new idea I’ll be posting in the next day or so…thought won’t be as fantastic as yours!

    1. Nice Chauncey! When you come down this summer I’ll have to play the Mastodon EPs for you! It was quite an awesome day. I have another post about the rest of the coming up, Did you stick around to see Chris Ross at 3?

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