RSD 2012 Love

What a cool day! I would have to say this has been the best one so far! Hold on, I’m gonna go back and read my previous post to refresh what I’ve told you so far.  If you haven’t read that post you can find it here.  (I’d suggest doing so, I may refer to some of those moments)

You back yet?  Alright, I’ll wait…you read way to slow.

Anyway…It was an awesome day, I did edit and add a few thing to the last post.  It now includes some more specific details about things during the first part of that day.  One thing I didn’t mention was the chaos that ensues in the first half hour after the doors open.  It’s much like what you all picture when you think about black friday.  Well, not violence, but chaos of everyone trying to get in and get the records you are looking for.  I actually have read (and heard about) case of people going into store later in the day and being disappointed to not find what they wanted to get.  One thing to note for those people, if you want to get the release you want, GET THERE EARLY!  Some are gone in the first minutes, while other quickly disappear though out the morning.  By noon things are pretty picked over.

Of coarse I mentioned I went to Bull Moose Scarborough to start the day, what I forgot to mention was that after that initial purchase, I went over to Newbury Comics in South Portland.  Bull Moose really didn’t have much of a selection of free stuff at the time.  Lucky for me Newbury Comics did.  I picked up 90% of the free stuff there.  Another thing I noticed while browsing around the RSD stuff was that 45 minutes after opening there store they still had like a dozen White Stripe vinyl.  I was temped to pick up another for resale but resisted the urge to be greedy.

So after the trip to both Bull Moose and Newbury Comics, I headed home to drop off my stuff and grab a bite to eat.  This is when I wrote that last post (hastily too I might add).  I had enough time to actually had time to play most my new vinyl too!

I wanted to be back at Newbury Comic by noon to see The Mallet Brother’s in-store performance, but ended up running a little late.  I did get to catch about five songs.   They were amazing!  I will make sure to see them again as soon as possible!  Below is the video of the performance of one of the songs they played.  The first few seconds are missing because I accidentally hit my record button twice and had to scramble to get it recording again.   If you like these guys you can find them via there webpage or facebook.  Here is the video, some one will have to help me with the song title.

I actually got to talk to Will Mallet and and very briefly Nate Soule.  They seemed pretty good outgoing guys.  I asked for permission to post the video here.  They were really cool with it asking only that I post a link to it on one of there pages.   In the process of talking to these guys I was introduced to Mark Cudo from WCYY.  It’s kind of funny in the moment I didn’t realize who I was talking to.  I handed him a flyer for my blog and chatted with him a while.  He is the host of a really cool show called Spin Out.   Spin Out is a awesome show because its all about local music.  Mark is really into the local music scene not only with his show but out promoting bands, shows and trying to get local bands a fair shake.  I handed all these guys my blog.  I would be more that honored if any of them visited.  At Bull Moose Mark introduced me to someone from WBLM, but I think I kind of was a bonehead there too.

So I’m going to cut this post short here.  I will add one more post for Record Store Day with a complete detailed list of everything I picked up.  I will also tell you about my new idea called “Used Record Store Day” and how I came up with that.

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